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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

King Tut Lapbook

So, In January, we headed to Atlanta to see the King Tut Exhibit. I was awesome and I hope the kids will remember it for a long time. We did have a scare (literally) at the beginning. It was dark, as museums are and they were playing music that might be alittle scary for a 4 year old. Add the total unknown of what we are doing and the only thing my children know about mummies is that they chase you (Scooby Do in the Dr's office), all this combined, and I had a loudly crying 4 year old that would not go into the beginning of the exhibit. Here I am thinking, well, there goes the $16 for her ticket and the $25 for mine, and I am not going to get to see it. It's a very quiet setting, not something you can drag a screaming preschooler through until she understands that King Tut is NOT going to pop out from around the corner to scare us. :) Well, thankfully, once we did turn the first corner and she realized it was all quite safe, everyone was VERY well behaved. Mid-point there was another very dark place that she didn't want to go into, but once I verified that it was the "gold jewlery" and I told her it was darker so we could see it sparkling, my princess was good to go!

Here is the lapbook that we made when we came home. We couldn't take pictures, so I got them sticker books that worked great for decorating it. I really in a King Tut/Egypt lapbook.

Sorry, I can't figure out why the blog is putting them sideways, the pictures are not like this on my computer. :(

Fold out map with Egypt colored.

We did a little book on the Jews in Egypt. 1st, Joseph brought his family.

The top says they lived there for 430 years. Then the middle talks of the slavery and the babies being thrown in the river. Last part is how Moses delivered them.

Little coloring sheet showing Moses and some of the plaques, this is under the Jews mini-book.

A little mini book on furniture, we even saw some of this in Tut's exhibit.

This is the back, We wanted to show that the pyramids are in Egypt.


Jimmie said...

Looks great! Ancient Egypt is still fascinating to me!

Anonymous said...

I really like it when individuals come together and share ideas.

Great blog, continue the good work!